Cancellation (info article)

Cancellation (info article)

If you regret your, the Norwegian consumer law will apply. (Acc. Cancellation Act), you have some duties and responsibilities. These can be found in the sections below. We wish that the transactions concerning this should be as simple as possible for all parties within the act. This information is readily available on our website.

As the packaging is not damaged or becomes impaired in any way (any item should appear as new and labeled).  If the item is used, you have no right to return the garment, and repayment will not be implemented.

Below are some key excerpts from the law:

The Act applies only with consumer goods. Cancellation rights may therefore not be used by companies or others who have acted as part of business. (Cf Withdraw Act § 6, paragraph e)

Cancellation rights do not apply if the product can not be returned in approximately the same condition and quantity, and damage or deterioration caused by the negligence or lack of care from the consumer's side. (Cf. Withdraw Act § 12 a)

Return costs are covered by the consumer (cf. Withdraw Act § 15 first paragraph).

If you do not pick up the package, it will not give us any indication about why the package is not retrieved. You will not have fulfilled the requirements that apply to you according to Withdraw Act § 11 and § 13, and thus lose the right to cancel the agreement. You will be charged the shipping cost and a fee of  NOK 150 to Mette Møller.