Sheer delight dress
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Sheer delight dress

A beautiful and feminine chiffon dress in viscose. The dress has delicate ruche details on the edges. It has an elastic part sown in the waist at the back so that the dress fits nicely shapes to the body without making it uncomfortable to wear. Since the dress is transparent, it comes with a slip dress made of viscose jersey. This is in a light cream colour which accentuates the details of the black dress.
100% viscose and 40 degrees gentle wash.
The entire length of the skirt from the shoulder is: 36/100 cm, 38/102 cm, 40/104 cm, 42/106 cm, 44/108 cm
Wash the dress on 40 degrees washbasin and iron after washing. The material pulls together, but this is not permanent and the dress is easily stretched again.