Shiny Trousers - Loose - Long - Pants/Shorts - Viscose

Shiny Trousers

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Shiny Grape Leaf
Shiny Andorra
Delicate and soft trousers in a heavy and shiny viscose quality. The trousers can be worn in two ways. Pull them up and tighten the extra width together with the tie in the waist so that the waistline is slightly standing up and out. Alternatively, pull them so far down on your hips that you fill out the extra width with your body. In both cases, the trousers should be a bit loose and spacious in fit when you have the right size. The shiny surface is really nice paired with the matte and woollen surfaces of this season's knitwear. The stripes in the sides give the outfit a slightly sharper look in an otherwise soft color scheme.
  • 100% viscose.
  • Produced in Europe: Lithuania.
  • 30 degrees machine wash
  • Fits most shapes
Inner leg length: 36/ 78 cm, 38/80 cm ,40/82 cm ,42 /84 cm,44/86 cm
Outer Leg Length: 36/ 109 cm, 38/111 cm ,40/113 cm ,42 /115 cm,44/117 cm

Wash and care: Zip up the trousers, turn them inside out and put it in a delicates laundry bag before washing them at 30 degrees on the delicates setting in the washing machine. Stretch and iron the trousers after washing and expect about a 2% permanent shrinkage .

Many people are surprised that viscose both contracts and becomes heavy and hard when wet. Likewise, that it has apparently shrunk and is creased when it dries. This is quite common for viscose and does not indicate that it has been washed incorrectly or that the material is of poor quality. Viscose like this MUST be ironed after washing to look as good as new and it is a completely normal part of a garment's maintenance process.