Cropped trousers - wool - Pants/Shorts

Cropped trousers - wool

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6 (34)8 (36)10 (38)12 (40)14 (42)16 (44)
Short and slim men's-inspired trousers in a firm and soft woven wool material. The trousers are lined
  • Produced in Europe: Lithuania.
  • Fits all shapes
Inner leg length: 36/77 cm, 38/79 cm, 40/81 cm, 42/83 cm, 44/85 cm
Outer leg length, inc. waistband: 36/93 cm, 38/95 cm, 40/97 cm, 42/99 cm, 44/101 cm

Considering this is a type of trouser you do not need to wash very often, I would recommend dry cleaning. Then you do not have to iron it. However, you can machine wash your trousers at 30 degrees wool wash. The material may shrink in wash. This is not permanent, but the material must be ironed back into shape.