Musselin dress
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Musselin dress

The dress over all dresses! It is feminine and elegant with a light and nice fit. The upper part has small decorative wrinkles in front. The viscose and wool material provides an extra movement that is good to have when there is a sleeve involved. The skirt is A -shaped and has a lot of turn. The dress is lined from waist and down. NB! The dress is generous in size and fits best if you are rather more short and wide than long and narrow. If in doubt, go down a size.
60% viscose, 40% wool, and 30 degrees wool machine.
The entire length of the dress from the shoulder: 36/97 cm, 38 /99 cm ,40/101 cm ,42/ 103 cm,44/111 cm.
The garment keeps a nice shape/size in the wash and doesn´t need ironing after wash.
The red color is Christmas red with some white in it.