Autumn collection 2018

Here you will get an insight into the whole story of how the fall collection came about.

Click on the posts and read that story from the designer's perspective.

Where does an idea come from? This is a frequent question I’m asked at the start of a collection and it’s always very difficult to give an answer. Because they are just there. In the blog “How to make a collection – The inspiration“ I give you the story about how the fall 2018 collection came about.

"How to make a collection - The Classics"

It’s always fun and exciting to see the new collections in the start of the season. What are the new trends, shapes and colors? What new combinations and accessories will Whow us? How a sketch becomes a finished product is little known among the regular Jane or Joe. In this series of blogs, I will let you know how I do it. I’ll start with the classics. 

"How to make a collection - The Print"

The collection is growing. New shapes and colors will be carefully chosen and developed in harmony with the chosen classics. In this blog I will tell you about the prints of the season.

"How to make a collection - Last finish"

The collection is close to an end. This last part enhances and collects the clothes. The print and knit is more powerful and rich. Read more about it in this last blog.