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Softer than Soft tunic

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A classic, knitted tunic that is slightly shaped, slim and reaches to about 5 cm above the knee. An edge is made on the shoulders to give the dress a little lift. The long, ribbed sleeves can you either pull up or fold them. The dress is narrow, but extends nicely and softly around all nice, feminine shapes. The dress is made from knitted merino wool and is soft and comfortable against the skin.
  • 100% merino wool.
  • Fits most shapes
  • Length: Short
  • Sleeve length: Long sleeves
  • Produced in Europe: Lithuania.
  • 30 degrees wool Machine
The full length of the tunic is: 36/94 cm, 38/96 cm, 40/98 cm, 42/100 cm, 44/102

Wash and care: Turn the tunic inside out and put it in a laundry bag before washing it on 30 degrees on the wool setting in the washing machine. Wool is easily reshaped in the wash and should therefore be stretched back into shape before you hang it to dry. Irregularities, curls and skeins are easily ironed out with a steam iron. Be light on the hand so that the ribbing is not stretched out of shape.