summer 2011

summer 2011

At the end of summer 2009 I made a dress with ruffles I called "la bella". It became very popular and I decided to integrate the shape and details in the next collection. I used a stabile cotton/elastane material which had a slight shine. The shapes were simple and feminine as always, but the ruffles eased the impression, making the look more playful.

As spring moved into the warmer summer, the la bella serie was accompanied by the china girl. The main material was wrinkled with embroidery of small flowers. Together with the light silk/viscose material with flower print, the china serie tok the collection to a more romantic level.

The Linea serie is like the cream you pour on your fresh strawberries. Smooth and soothing. This delicate material in knitted viscose unites the two series in a soft way. The shapes are made with volume and are a delight to wear.

The color line have two strong personalities, red and black. They crave attention, leaving the pale kaki green, cool blue and natural color of linen float around them and support their needs.

There is a British show called "The House of Elliot". It is about two sisters (Beatrice and Evie) which starys their own fashion house in London in the beginning of the 20th century. The linen line in this collection is made with this periode and girls in mind. The 20`s had a lot of Asian inspiration which fitted my thoughts about the collection. It shows particularly in the broad collars and cuffs. The belt of 20 01 garden coat has a broad belt inspired of the Japanese obi (the belt on the kimono). The stripes linnen also refers to the coats the designers wore in the work room to protect their clothes. The way they cared and protected their clothes are so different from to day. It`s charming and a custom we should integrate in our everyday life :)
40 03 la bella tunic in kaki
40 04 la bella blouse in kaki
40 05 la bella shirt in kaki
40 05 la bella shorts in kaki
40 06 la bella trousers in kaki
40 01 La bella dress in kaki
40 02 la bella goes around in red
40 01 la bella dress in red
40 03 la bella tunic in red
40 04 la bella blouse in red
40 05 la bella shirt in red
40 06 la bella trousers in red
40 05 la bella shorts in red
50 01 linea jacket in grey
50 02 linea long jacket in grey
50 06 linea bat sweat in grey
50 03 linea tank in grey
50 04 linea sweater in grey
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