Organic straight jeans - Pants/Shorts - Cotton

Organic straight jeans

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8 (36)10 (38)12 (40)14 (42)16 (44)
denim blue
Straight jeans in organic cotton. There is a little elastane in the material which makes them comfortable and keeps the shape fine. True believers rarely wash their jeans, but if you do not mind doing it, calculate about 2% shrinkage. BUT! In order to hold the environmental thinking, I have not washed the pants after they are manufactured. This means that they will leak color a great deal at the start. Therefore, be careful not to wear light clothing/ handbags/ shoes or sit on bright surfaces. After a couple of wash this problem will disappear.
  • 98% cotton and 2% elastane.
  • Produced in Europe: Lithuania.
  • 40 degrees gentle wash
  • Fits all shapes
Outer leg length without folding:36/ 106 cm,38/108 cm,40/110 cm, 42/112 cm, 44/114 cm
Inner leg length:36 /77 cm, 38/ 79 cm,40/81 cm,42/83 cm,44/ 85 cm