Fall V-dress - print - Dress - Viscose

Fall V-dress - print

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8 (36)10 (38)12 (40)14 (42)16 (44)
baked clay
A lovely dress where the skirt has a lot of width. The fit of the dress is wide, but you singe it at the waist by tightening the belt before you tie it in the back or at the front. This way the material will fall softly and enhance your femininity on your body’s premises.

The print is an illustration of a twisted branch of a mountain spruce made by Eli Møller. The illustration multiplied looks almost like Asian characters.
  • 95% viscose and 5% elastane.
  • Produced in Europe: Lithuania.
  • 40 degrees gentle wash
  • Fits all shapes
Full length from the shoulder: 36/109 cm, 38/111 cm, 40/113 cm, 42/115 cm, 44/117 cm

Wash and care: Turn the dress inside out. 40 degrees gentle wash in machine, iron with steam after wash for best result. Do not store the dress hanging by the shoulders, as the weight of the dress might stretch the material.