Supersoft belted sweater - Sweater - Merino wool

Supersoft belted sweater 2022

175.00 usd

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Type: Fitted
Length: Hips (See size chart to determin how our sizes will fit you)
Flexibility in the material: Yes
Composition:100% merino wool

A lovely, big knit sweater in a thick, soft and fluffy wool quality. The sweater has a lot of volume, but has a soft elegance to it. The sweater has slits under each arm. The belt is sewn to the sweater. The belt is lain in a cross in the back of the sweater and tied in the front with a knot, or just in the back. This modell has tighter and shorter arms than the one from fall 2021.
  • 100% merino wool.
  • Produced in Europe: Lithuania.
  • 30 degrees wool Machine
  • Fits most shapes
Full length from the shoulder: 36/57 cm, 38/59 cm, 40/61 cm, 42/63 cm, 44/62 cm

Wash and care: Turn the sweater inside out and put it in a laundry bag before washing it on 30 degrees on the wool setting in the washing machine. Wool is easily reshaped in wash and should therefore be stretched back into shape before you lay it flat to dry.