W91 Mochi skirt yellow
W91 Mochi skirt yellow - yellow (skirt)
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W91 Mochi skirt yellow

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Simple A-shaped skirt with split front. The skirt is lined. There is elastic in the skirt and this gives you some extra good mobility. The same type of skirt from this winter was small in size, but this one is very nice and according to the target form. NB! The skirt should be washed gently (wool / hand wash in machine) as it is sensitive to too many turns during machine washing.

The full length of the skirt is: 36 / 52cm, 38 / 54cm, 40 / 56cm. 42 / 58cm, 44 / 60cm
62% linen, 35% cotton, 3% elastane, and 40 degrees gentle wash.