Organic jeans skirt - Knee long - Skirt - Cotton

Organic jeans skirt

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8 (36)10 (38)12 (40)14 (42)16 (44)
denim blue
Cool skirt made of organic cotton. The skirt has a low lifeline and a nice clock shape. The wide strip in the sides is denim material and creates a nice effect. The skirt is not lined and should be used with a light stockings or slip dress/ skirts now on the spring.There is a little elastane in the material which makes them comfortable and keeps the shape fine.
  • 98% cotton and 2% elastane.
  • Produced in Europe: Lithuania.
  • 30 degrees machine wash
The entire length of the skirt measured in the side is: 36/58 cm, 38/ 60 cm, 40/62cm, 42/64 cm, 44/66 cm
Since the skirt has a low waistline, the "waistline" is bigger than if the skirt was meant to sit in the middle of the waist. Therefore, it can be perceived as large in size.
The skirt will shrink about 1/ 2 size when you wash is, but the finer you wash it, the less it will shrink.

To hold on to the environmental thinking, I have not washed the skirt after it has been manufactured. This means that it will leak color a lot at the start. Therefore, be careful not to wear light clothing/ bags/ shoes or sit on a light surface. After a couple of wash this problem will disappear.