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Flerken skirt 2022 - print

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8 (36)10 (38)12 (40)14 (42)16 (44)
mose print
Type: A-line
Length: Kneelength (See size chart to determine how our sizes will fit you)
Flexibility in the material: Yes
Composition: 68% viscose, 27% nylon and 5% elastane

Skirt made in firm jersey in a classic A-line shape.the skirt is supposed yo sitt right under the navel and can therefore seem bigger than the previous Flerken skirt.
Print is from a closeup picture from Telemark
  • 68% viscose, 27% nylon, and 5% elastane.
  • Produced in Europe: Lithuania.
  • 40 degrees gentle wash
  • Fits most shapes
Total length : 36/ 55 cm, 38/57 cm, 40/59 cm, 42/61 cm, 44/63 cm

Wash and care: 40 degrees gentle wash in machine. Iron with steam after wash for best result.The viscose will contract, to conteract this stretch the skirt the direction of the length of the skirt. Turn the skirt inside out before using the iron.