summer 2010

summer 2010

Sometimes a collection is only a play with lines and dots, or shades of the surface. The core of my design is the puzzle of ton-in-ton colors combined with strong contrasting lines.

In this collection the repeating lines or buttons leads the way. It`s fun how aligned dots at a certain point appears as a line. The three horizontal lines on several of the items is almost the opposite. Lines which becomes "dots". The shapes of the clothes eases the impression of the straight lines. The shaped lines are deliberately repeated in the collection os assemble the main impression.

All this is most visible in the knitted Y-line. The bolero has a short symmetric neckline which has a short rendezvous at the chest before it splits again. The cardigan has the same line, but it is collected after the chest and continues in a straight vertical line. In the long jacket, the line runs across the chest and down to the side. It unites the lines and buttons in both the previous items. The Y3 is a much more sporty jacket knitted in a thicker yarn. Different in so many ways, still the shaped line of the zipper gives away it`s relation to the previous 3 styles. Finally it`s the Zebra sweater. It´s got its sharp horizontal stripes from the Cordy dress and the broad collar from its Y-siblings. This combined with the contrast in the colors, makes it loud. The small buttons lined up center front adds the cuteness.

The same thought of direction and width of the stripes pervades the collection. The personality of the garments changes in each different color.

In the materials, the texture and finishing is made to give the same technique different expression. Shiny, smooth ruffles in silk is more sophisticated than the same ruffles in a stiffer cotton quality which is more cute. Ruffles made in a big pieces of material doesn`t say the same as the small ruffled bands used as edging on some of the clothes. The corduroy is used because it`s natural lines, to unite, the brown and beige corduroy material also has a wrinkle effect.

If you take a look, the whole collection is built around the same simple elements: Stripe, dot and wrinkle/ruffle.

At the end of the day, this collection have to end in a clothes which can work for you. Shown all together, the thoughts of my design is very visible, still the clothes sand strong all alone. They are like floating parts in a secret game ;)
10 06 cordy dress in grey
Parachute dress and bolero
Zebra sweat and Long Island dress
Long silky Island
Vicky dress in blue
Happy Bubble
Y6 og Cordy Pirates
Y3 Zip Jacket and double skirt
Y2 strange-cut-sleeves jacket
320 la bella dress in light grey
320 la bella dress in white
607 Pepi Parachute dress in creme
609 Vicky in silk in creme
608 Vicky dress in creme
613 Long silky island in creme
612 Short silky island in creme
604 Pepi top in creme
10 06 Cordy dress in beige
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