Why does it stick?

Static electricity is electricity that is blocked between layers of textiles and does not escape. It works almost like a magnet and pulls layers in your clothes against each other. This happens especially when it is dry and cold indoor air.

Moisture is what will dissolve the adhesive because it will lead the electricity through the fabric layers and out into the open. In order to get rid of the static electricity, it may be worth using fabric softener when washing your clothes, especially tights. Fabric softener will act as a moisturizer for the fibers. Put some fabric softener on your hands and spread it over the palm of your hand. Iron your hands lightly over your thighs, front and back and you will see the fabric layers let go of each other. You set electricity free!

If something is electric depends on the fiber's ability to conduct electricity. Polyester, which is plastic, holds very well on electricity. That's why we cover our wires with plastic. Therefore, static electricity often occurs in garments made of polyester. But also silk and wool are good insulators, and static electricity will also occur here. Many are quick to put poor quality with static electricity, but that's not right.