Safety (info article)

Safety (info article)

It is safe to shop with us. We have processed thousands of orders.

Mette Møller established her own brand in 1997 and is known for her simple, feminine clothes made for the practical everyday woman. The brand has, over the last 13 years become well established in other shops throughout Norway, and periodically in Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, USA, Spain and Italy. The web shop was established in 2006 and in 2009 the brand opened its very own shop in Hegdehaugsveien in Oslo.

To make your shopping as simple and transparent as possible, we place great emphasis on the development of our website. If you have problems with an item purchased with us, our online support and return system will guide you as a customer so that you get the help you require.

Mette Møller emphasizes the best possible service to you. As a customer you should be satisfied before, during and after your purchase. We relate to consumer laws and do our best for you within the limits of that.